i just came back from a few months leave and i updated everything and went to go look in the leaf shop and i says my client isnt up to date? but... [..] »

by SHEwantsTHAd • Jul 20, 11:53
I play this game to have fun and PvP in all fairness with gear I take time to get better and also spending alot of shards on it(gear) to progress. I... [..] »

by aedi • Jul 20, 00:18
So I was wondering what you can get in-game after donating and how much of an impact it makes in pvp. [..] »

by abdefghi • Jul 19, 20:04
are zod 78 feet upgradeable now? If y what need for that and where. Thx. Nope. [..] »

by flibustier • Jul 19, 19:18
i ve found 2 bugs: 1. mage 100 Wisdom, it dosnt add 20% cr dodge when thunder tempest is active nyos and dyos. But it reduce cd thunder tempest by... [..] »

by flibustier • Jul 18, 11:41
Aria Forsaken World is a Free to Play, high rate, International, PVP private server dedicated to bringing the players the most recent updates available as well as Custom Content. Aria is the longest running Forsaken World Private Server to date [..] Continue Reading »

[Jul 19, 2014] Patch Notes

Patch Notes

  • Lifespark's have been debugged and should now show stats and gems when you hover over them as well as when linked in chat.
  • Missing Trackstones in Sickle Island (Glacial Wings and Prunck's Fist) have been replaced.
  • Blood Raiders can now buy gear from the Fleet of Myth NPC's in Freedom Harbor.
  • Glistening Lowlands Instance Reward has been modified. Now rewards Soul Crystal lvl 7 upon completion.
  • Player Icons have been fixed to display correct class
  • Guild Member List UI has been fixed.
  • Temp Gems have been removed from the Game.

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Posted by: Norah

[Jul 17, 2014] Aria Forum Signature Contest

Lately we have seen an increase in postings on forums but so many do not have a forum signature. To remedy this, Aria is holding a signature contest to get those creative juices flowing!

Players may submit their forum signatures in this thread to enter. Players may use graphics programs to edit, manipulate, alter, crop ect. Submissions will be judged on creativity, artistic quality, visual appeal, and
originality. Only 3 Winners will be awarded. The top 10 signatures will be shown off on the Aria Facebook!

Please remember :

• Your masterpiece must be appropriate for viewers of all ages: we're teen rated, so nothing too risque

• Your entry can't include any logos, product names or placements: these are what we like to call a "legal hassle," and we don't keep enough lawyers on retainer to obtain permission to plug your favorite drink on our website.

• Your entry must be made by you, submitted by you, and made for this contest: this contest is about YOU showing off YOUR skill

• Entries must be submitted within this forum thread to be considered.

•One Entry per Forum account please!

• Your Signature Must be Aria/Forsaken World Related

• Winners will be chosen by the Aria Staff

• Signatures must be no larger than 600 x 300 pixels and in jpeg or png format.

• Contest will run until August 15th.

The Top 3 Winners will each receive 10 Flame Crystals, and 10 Elemental Star Essence to the character of their choice.

• Signatures MUST be posted as an image within your post. (posts that have their signatures set as a signature only in forums will not be considered)

How do I save my entry in the required format/size before I submit it?
1) First, save the original copy of your artwork in its original format
2) In Photoshop (slight software differences depending on the application), go to Image > Image Size
3) Adjust the height or width of your artwork to meet the appropriate size and make sure the constrain proportions box is checked, or the chain link is connected.
4) Then, go to File > Save As and change the file format to JPEG or PNG in the dropdown menu.
5) For convenience, please name the file with your forum name.

Aria, in its sole discretion, shall choose all prize winners.*Winners shall be chosen by Aria based upon the following criteria: *(i) originality; (ii) creativity;(iii) artistic quality; and (iiii) visual appeal, with equal weight being given to each criterion. Winners will be notified by forum e-mail immediately after determination by Aria. Aria reserves the right in all cases to withhold prize award until the potential winner’s identity and eligibility are established to Aria’s reasonable satisfaction. *The decisions of Aria on all matters are final.

Official Rules:If any factor (including infection by computer virus, bugs, worms, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any other cause) corrupts or affects the administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper conduct of this Contest, or this Contest is otherwise not capable of being conducted as described in these Official Rules, Aria shall have the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this Contest or these Official Rules, and/or select the winners from the Entries received prior to the implementation of the disruptive action, or as otherwise deemed fair and appropriate by Aria. *ARIA RESERVES THE RIGHT TO PROSECUTE ANY FRAUDULENT ENTRIES AND ENTRANTS TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW. *At Aria’s sole discretion, Entrant and winners who do not comply with these Official Rules or otherwise attempt to interfere with this Contest in any way may be disqualified.

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Posted by: Norah

[Jul 05, 2014] Attention Players!

Attention Players

This is a notice for all players to remove all Temporary Gems lvl 6 from your gear by July 19th. After the 19th the items will become bugged and no longer work and you will not be able to extract them. If the gems are not removed prior to the update on the 19th YOUR GEAR WILL BE BROKEN!!!!! Also, if not removed any gem manipulation (embedding or extraction of any gem in the piece holding temp gems) will cause your clients to crash.

Fyyre will be removing the item ID's from the client thus making them non-existant. Your gear will still show an item in the socket, however it will not give stats of any kind and will not be able to be removed after the 19th.

Let this be your warning! Have the Temp Gems removed by July 19th or your gear will be broken and Aria will not be responsible for replacing it.


Norah has discovered a way to fix Most of the guilds with bugged reserves. Bugged= unable to transfer gold from reserves to Guild Funds and your guild funds are not already maxed.
Guild Maintanace costs will be increased to get some of the inactive guilds/alt guilds recycled so new active guilds can get bases.

To qualify for Norah's manual reserve fix, the guild applying for help MUST be an active guild with 15 or more active members (Not alts), and have active leadership and currently be in low maintance. To apply, the guild leader must contact Norah via email to [email protected].

Please include your guild name, character name, number of active members, and time when you can typically be reached in game.
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Posted by: Norah