Is it possible now to get ragefire 6 while praying lvl 3? Because i cant get them about several days on alts and get instead of them only 10-15... [..] »

by flibustier • Jul 28, 15:49
im brand new to this private server and and very excited what will i see once i enter in-game??:D [..] »

by spincycle • Jul 27, 21:25
Keep in mind before you read. Think in terms of fairness. People seem to be so happy about "Slash Storm" and it's cooldown addition of 2... [..] »

by aedi • Jul 27, 01:59
*I have noticed people dont run the Ghostfang Castle instance at all on this server which is a shame really. GFC is a really fun instance that... [..] »

by bella1234 • Jul 27, 00:29
Why adapt warrior skill cooldown of 3 seconds in when others were not cheating warrior do this is to call people back to play. But to give up the... [..] »

by moobinoxzy • Jul 26, 13:16
Aria Forsaken World is a Free to Play, high rate, International, PVP private server dedicated to bringing the players the most recent updates available as well as Custom Content. Aria is the longest running Forsaken World Private Server to date [..] Continue Reading »

[Jul 27, 2014] 07/26 Update [ Saturday ]

1). Slash Storm for Elven Warriors cool down increased to 3s, to match the human
2). Zodiac weapons now require 2 veil shards to unseal, instead of 6.

Please make certain to run AriaUpdate!
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Posted by: Fyyre

[Jul 26, 2014] 7-25-2014 Patch Notes

Patch Notes

  • IBC has been altered to Pre BR expansion mana drain rates.
  • Slash Storm Cooldown has been increased to 3 seconds.
  • Advanced Mana Stones and Advanced Health Stone now restore 18k
  • Player Icons while in party now show correctly.
  • Botany Herbs can now be bought for gold at Sarah The Flower Girl in NightFall (Academic District)

Fyyre would like to phase our orbs from Aria. As such the following edits have been made to begin this process. We are aware many things come from orbs and they will all eventually be placed in altrernate locations. Shop modifications are as follows:

  • Token Of Faith can be purchased for Gold from the Bank Staff NPC
  • Taylors Fashion Certificates can now be purchased from Benjamin Taylor
  • Hicks now sells Star of Moral, Star of Life, Star of Defiance and Medium Pet Essence.
  • Deadliness lvl 3 and BruteForce lvl 3 can now be found in Hicks (Skills tab)
  • Gabriel now sells Tytan's Hammer
  • Ariel now sells goldspark level 2's
  • Rachel the pet dealer now sells Little Charmer, Gargoyle, and Tengu Pet stones as well as Hydra Lord, ThunderLord, Steam Locust, Hadlik, Griffin, and Aethon Mounts.
  • The Following Fashion have been added to Benjamin Taylor (Blossom Blvd):
    Frost Fairy, Snow Suave, Jester, Illusionist, Twilight (male and female), Red Riding Hood, Bad Wolf, Peablossom, and Oberon.
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Posted by: Norah

[Jul 05, 2014] Attention Players!

Norah has discovered a way to fix Most of the guilds with bugged reserves. Bugged= unable to transfer gold from reserves to Guild Funds and your guild funds are not already maxed.
Guild Maintanace costs will be increased to get some of the inactive guilds/alt guilds recycled so new active guilds can get bases.

To qualify for Norah's manual reserve fix, the guild applying for help MUST be an active guild with 15 or more active members (Not alts), and have active leadership and currently be in low maintance. To apply, the guild leader must contact Norah via email to [email protected].

Please include your guild name, character name, number of active members, and time when you can typically be reached in game.
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Posted by: Norah