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[ Apr 24, 2014 ]     Account Security
Due to several complaints of players being "Hacked" We at the Aria staff have no choice due to the ovewhelming amount of time each investigation takes to make the following announcment:

Aria will not be responsible for "Hacked" or "Missing" items. We assure you that your accounts are 100% safe server side. However we cannot be responsible for the players poor decisions to "share" their account info with friends/guildmates for whatever reason. Aria does not support "Sharing, Trading, Selling or Buying" of accounts. We also will not be responsible for the players not making their accounts secure by using easily guessed passwords, account names ect.

If a player submits a ticket claiming they have been "hacked" and we see that there are multiple IP's accessing the account the investigation will go no farther and we will not be replacing your items.

We cannot spend all of our time investigating these issues that arise due to players poor judgments. Spending countless hours investigating these types of issues pushes back our time lines for bringing you new content, modifications, bug fixes ect. It is not fair to punish the entire Aria Population and make them wait for fixes, modifications, and expansions because a few players choose to share their information.
We Recommend you change your passwords regularly and make sure that they are not easily guessed.

Remember account security is the players responsibility. Be smart and Trust No one.
Posted by: Norah

[ Apr 23, 2014 ]     Donations.
We have disabled PP for the time being. It will be re-enabled again in a few days. We are sorry if this has inconvenienced any one. Will have it back online as soon as possible.

~Aria Staff
Posted by: DarkStar

[ Apr 14, 2014 ]     Account Registration
Account registration along with email verification is again working correctly. If you registered an account and were unable to verify the email address -- please make a new account -- using a quick service such as -- and submit a ticket for us to update your email on file to a more permanent one.

I apologize to those impacted by the downtime.
Posted by: Fyyre