Any word why all realms are offline just want to know whats happening. Any gm tell us whats happening? [..] »

by p0l3r • Dec 21, 02:56
Will it be back up after tomorrows maint? It seems like its not causing the dungeon issues since they still broke without it. Would like a GM answer... [..] »

by DeathsAvarice • Dec 14, 23:22
What on earth happened to too the Christmas decorations that was in FH a couple of days ago? I updated the aria client and then when I came on all... [..] »

by Sephenrene • Dec 06, 06:08
Anyone had problems logging after this restart? after I updated it kept saying unable to connect to server. [..] »

by laitenfirrae • Dec 06, 02:28
Is the winter festival event gonna start itself tomorrow automanically or does it need a patch like retail? [..] »

by DeathsAvarice • Dec 01, 01:54
Aria Forsaken World is a Free to Play, high rate, International, PVP private server dedicated to bringing the players the most recent updates available as well as Custom Content. Aria is the longest running Forsaken World Private Server to date [..] Continue Reading »

[Dec 21, 2014] Requiem

To each one of you, The Aria Community,

In writing this, I have tried to avoid sounding like an obituary, as it’s simply not that. This is, from me, to you, a heartfelt and candid admission of my limitations and flaws of being an imperfect being.

The past few weeks have been very difficult for the server as a whole. Those of you who have, stayed despite what is. I feel to now be metaphorically "limping forward". To those of you ... who always offered words of kindness and support: to you, I want to say thank you. Your World Chats, PMs, /fyyre -- have been a greater source of inspiration than you may realize.

To those of you, who will rant, speak venom, or whisper to your friends "I told you so's” -- to those of you, I simply say this: I, Fyyre; take ultimate responsibility for Aria and all decisions made. Direct your venom and anger not at my staff, each other or the server, but at me -- as I am, the proverbial "wo(man) behind the curtain" -- the sole one in charge.

For those who have been with us since February 29th, 2012... You, no doubt remember the wipe of 01/2013. I now know this was the result of an attack which took advantage of a now, fixed code exploit (not naming the guilty party). This event was tragic and resulted in a wipe. Wipe in itself, is bad enough... yet was made worse by me by trying so hard to save what I in turn could not.

In My attempt to save the server from a wipe I feel I dragged the player base through a frustrating process of restarts and failed fix attempts, with no positive results. I also did not help matters by spending fourteen hours or so daily on the problem while you all waited in suspense. This no doubt only made the situation harder on myself and the players.

In consultation with the rest of the staff, I have made the decision to not repeat history. In light of the code errors we are experiencing, the fact they are originating from the character database, and my failed attempts at correcting the issue, it is with heavy heart, I will be closing the live server (temporarily) as of this posting, and we will start anew with our launch of FW2.

Until FW2 comes, the test server will be kept online. Shards and such will be made free on the test server for you to enjoy... although, I know that using the word enjoy with wipe does not go well together.

Let's get to specifics.

What about donations?

All donations made in the last year will be refunded in full. A panel will be in place for you to re-credit yourself, assuming you have your old account name, email and password.

What about accounts (i.e. website and game login)?
Website and game logins will be wiped, as we will be upgrading our database to better meet the needs of the newer game server. Therefore players will need to re-register. Also this will help us in purging out the old duplicate accounts, people with 20+ accounts for whatever reason and what have you.

In closing, I need you all to understand that coming to this choice is by no means easy for any of us, staff and players included. From a personal angle, it is greatly defeating... Aria is part of my "spark", what drives me. For this server to die has never been an option for me.

I truly do hope that you will join us again, and remain part of what makes Aria so very dear to me, and all of you as well. Hopefully we can all look at this as an opportunity to start fresh, try out the new race make new characters etc.

I really do love all of you,

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Posted by: Fyyre

[Dec 20, 2014] Forsaken World High Rate [12.20] - Restart

The restart at 11:30 server time is running longer than anticipated. I expect to have things back online within an hour.

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Posted by: Fyyre

[Dec 18, 2014] Server Maintenance

Dear Aria Community,

We want to start off by thanking you all for your ongoing patience with the server issues we are experiencing. Those of you who have left forum messages to the staff with supportive words make our tough job worth doing and dealing with this problem easier, so thank you all.

Fyyre has been working hard to track down the cause of this problem but at the moment it has remained elusive. In an attempt to narrow down the cause we restricted the server to 1 realm to better track how the breaks progress. However this alone has not given us a conclusive answer. So our next step is going to be to transfer the character database from our live server (the server you regularly play on) to our mirror server which is not experiencing the instance breaks and see if they occur there. This helps us determine if the issue is being caused by a player or the game client itself.

At 5:30pm the server will go offline. It will take fyyre approximately 30 minutes to transfer the character database from live to the mirror server. Once he has done that you all will be able to log into the test server. To be clear, your characters and your progress will be on the mirror server, it will be just like live. Any progress or changes you make to your character on the mirror server will be saved. This is not a wipe, you will not have to start over, this is only for testing the server issue.

Players will need to run aria update before you will be able to log into the server.

Please refrain from making donations to the server until the server comes back online.
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Posted by: Licks