Aria will reopen on 12/14!
All characters are safe, same as last time you play! (no wipe!)
Forums are read-only until 12/01!
A new client to be posted soon!

[Nov 25, 2015] [Re-Opening]: 12/14

Yesterday, I made choice to delay re-opening of Aria until 12/14 for the completion of additional work to occur.

With that said, some may be concerned if their guild is running low on funding. If you are a guild leader, or vice and worried over guild funds, please email me and I will make certain you have suffient funding to last month of December.

To the guild "Entity" - I advise you to remain on your current server, do not return to Aria. As I have taken the liberty to disband your guild, and nullify your toxic core group.

Let us call this karma. Especially for "Congrats guys on killing Aria" (Shadows).


I am aware not all Entity members were toxic players.

Therefore.... if your name is not: Savage, Shadows, Lust, HandsomeBeast, Love or Affliction -- you may return if you like.

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Posted by: Fyyre

[Nov 19, 2015] Equal rights and long term goal accomplished

This morning I accomplished a long term goal of mine, for Aria.

And what better way to demonstrate the result, than with my own beloved Tsundere.

I hope all players will enjoy this new feature upon reopening. The ability to marry who you wish, regardless of gender.

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Posted by: Fyyre

[Nov 18, 2015] DDoSing someone?

I received an email from a former Aria player accusing me of DDOS'ing some server (name was not specified). In fact, here is the email with player name omitted:


I know its you that is doing the DDOS attack on the servers to eliminate the competition but let me say this to you it will not work you are not going to win nor are you going to stop our server from operating. Your hateful actions only says you are a jerk and needs to seek some sort of physcological help. Stop being stupid and grow the hell up.

Someone is accusing me of something like this? The reality of the situation is I work on my own server, that is my concern -- not other servers.

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Posted by: Fyyre