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[ Apr 14, 2014 ]     Account Registration
Account registration along with email verification is again working correctly. If you registered an account and were unable to verify the email address -- please make a new account -- using a quick service such as -- and submit a ticket for us to update your email on file to a more permanent one.

I apologize to those impacted by the downtime.
Posted by: Fyyre

[ Apr 12, 2014 ]     Aria Forsaken World Facebook!
Due to the requests of our players, the staff at Aria have created a new facebook page! Please join us at Please disregard the old facebook as it is no longer managed by the aria staff.

Also, We have chosen our new GM! You will be seeing Retribution in game soon. Please Welcome them.

GM's you will now see in Game:


If you need assistance while in game please try PM'ing on of them. Should you not be able to reach a GM in game you are welcome to submit tickets for assistance via our Support Link at the top of this page. Thanks! Happy Gaming!
Posted by: Norah

[ Apr 07, 2014 ]     Blood Raider Beta
The Aria Staff is pleased to announce that we are currently accepting applications from players who wish to serve as Beta Testers for the Blood Raider Expansion. We plan to have the expansion translated and ready to be tested the week of May 1st.
We are looking for 20 players who will be available during the same time frames (probably 4-9pm est) to test the new content and identify bugs. This will be a staff controlled, CLOSED beta, in which the groups will have assignments and testing criteria.
Experience in beta testing is preferred but not required. If you are interested in a first hand look at what is coming and enjoy having your thoughts and concerns heard in future content please fill out the following application and email them to [email protected]

Blood Raider Closed Beta Applications:

1. Have you participated in previous betas.
a. If so, were they with us?*
b. Which ones were they?

2. Have you been banned from the game in the past?
a. How many times?
b. Reasons?

3. Can you speak English well enough to be understood?
a. If you cannot, do you have a friend who is applying for beta that can translate?
b. Friendsí forum name:

4. Can you be available for beta testing from Thursday May 1st Ėto Thursday May 8th?
a. If you cannot be on every one of those days, list the days you will be gone.
b. Reasons why you will miss those days.

5. List the times you can be on each of the above days in server time please. Same time each day is best, if itís not please list times for each day (in server time).

6. What is your Character Name and IP address? (for giving you access to the test server if chosen)

7. Are you capable of taking instruction and following instructions given.

8. Tell me why you want to be in the closed beta!*

9. Have you ever discovered a bug in game?
a. If so what was it?
Posted by: Norah