How are they gonna work? Nothing gonna change or everything different? [..] »

by DeathsAvarice • Jan 24, 20:25
so rumour has it, that retail is getting FW2 on the 4th of Feb, any news for it here? [..] »

by pixie • Jan 22, 19:43
Oh haii~ I really want to share the FW2 pictures I've found from chinese forums with you, but _I'd like a GM to give me permission before I post... [..] »

by Vaelynn • Jan 18, 19:34
*Ok, I take it the server was closed down while Fyyre prepares for the FW2 launch? I was just curious since I haven't been keeping up with the going... [..] »

by kitkatluv • Jan 16, 22:34
So I must be a moron and I dont feel like going back and looking for someone who can explain it. How is this refund going to work. Are we getting... [..] »

by Blackstarx • Jan 11, 12:40
Aria Forsaken World is a Free to Play, high rate, International, PVP private server dedicated to bringing the players the most recent updates available as well as Custom Content. Aria is the longest running Forsaken World Private Server to date [..] Continue Reading »

[Jan 27, 2015] FW2, dates and launching

Dear friends,

As we near the launch date for FW2, I need to make you aware of two key events that will occur.

1). The current test/old live server will shutdown on Wednesday 2015/01/28. Meaning after 15:00 server time this Wednesday this server will be no more. The live server will return of course, 2015/02/04 with our launch of FW2!

2). Either Friday or Saturday (2015/01/30-31) ((more to come!!)), we will allow for players to create their game accounts (you will not be able to play until 2015/02/04), and start with downloading of the Aria FW2 client. Links to the client, I will post on either Friday or Saturday along with details regarding what has changed with the site and other important information about account registration.


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Posted by: Fyyre