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by Plague • May 29, 22:19
Hey Everyone... please try the new arena system, check the rewards and let us know what you think of the changes. Your feedback and suggestions will... [..] »

by Kalliope • May 29, 13:44
I feel like i'm going to disapointed when i see arena .Really retail style ?now for sure it isn't possible to get some good gear from arena .It is... [..] »

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by masda • May 28, 09:53
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[May 29, 2015] Arena Patch Notes

The much awaited Arena changes are now live!

We created Season 3.5 (S3.5) gear to replace Season 3 gear. S3.5 gear is upgradeable to Season 4, unlike its S3 counterpart, which cannot be upgraded.

S3.5 gear also offers higher base stats and set bonuses than its S3 counterpart. New 3.5 arena season gear can be found at Powell. Arena gear options for 6v6 have been removed.

For the sake of fairness arena score has been reset to 1,000 and reputation to Rank 1.

The Arena scoring system now follows the retail scoring system. Teleporting out or disconnecting inside of the Arena results in score loss.

Using two or more clients inside of Arena, Ice and Fire and 12v12 is prohibited. Those found breaking this rule will receive one warning. Additional violations will result in a permanent account ban.

Cheating hurts the Aria Community, it will not be tolerated.

Those players who have combined their zodiac weapon with the S3 arena weapon have the option of trading their weapon for a new level 85 zodiac suited for their class.

As this exchange requires that I login your account to perform, you must send email to
[email protected] with the following information: username, password, character name, class.

I will perform these exchanges on Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting on June 1st.

Select Pets have been added to Donations, Arena and Pixel shops.

Skittles mount has been placed in Donations and the War spider in the battlefield exchange.

Lay, Sit and Juggle actions have been added to Donations

Turnip smiley is now available in Pixel

Huntress pet has returned to donations pets tab.
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Posted by: Fyyre

[May 27, 2015] Arena Update Goes Live 05/29

Dear Community,

The much awaited Arena Update will go live this Friday, 05/29 at 18:00.

After the update _all_ scores will be reset to 1,000.


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Posted by: Fyyre

[May 26, 2015] 05/25 Notes

With the weekly restart the following changes went into effect:

Conversion Leaves -> Gold via the Guild Midas no longer functions.

Also -- added something for folks still abusing arena. Think I am bluffing? Try and see =)

In addition to the above; the Arena Changes should go live later this week.

Thanks all,

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Posted by: Fyyre