Im at the moment work for s3 weapon, hands and boots and i want know if its still able to upgrade from 8 crit damage to 10 crit damage? [..] »

by larryundxeni • Jul 26, 23:39
Did you guys make changes to hellroad? I have a toon that used to be able to beat it like last week..and now all of a sudden it can't anymore and the... [..] »

by Plague • Jul 26, 11:32
Are the gods bugged? They can't be used inside arena and the icon to use it disappears even when going out. So are they bugged or they're finally... [..] »

by Amon • Jul 22, 19:16
Why Golden hands and boots cant be IDed with the universal ReID scrolls? is this intended or just something u guys missed like how Offhands couldn't... [..] »

by karwan • Jul 22, 12:09
Hi players, as I do 1-2 event most days, I would like a heads up on special days Im not talking about your birthdays (LOL) Im talking about days... [..] »

by Piacere • Jul 21, 13:12
Aria Forsaken World is a Free to Play, International, PVP private server dedicated to bringing the players the most recent updates available as well as Custom Content. Aria is the longest running Forsaken World Private Server to date [..] Continue Reading »

[Jul 26, 2015] Paypal Donations

We are having an issue with our paypal donations at this time. Any player who has made a donation and not gotten shards yet at this time please do the following:

-Make a ticket with us.
-Include the following information, Amount,Transactions ID and character it was for.

We are sorry for this issue and we are working to resolve it for every one. If you have questions please open a ticket with us.

Thank you.

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Posted by: Sound

[Jul 25, 2015] Lag Support

It has been made increasingly aware that since some of the rule changes a number of people have been suffering from lag and severe peaks of lag at certain points/areas in the game. To aid and assist you all better, we need a collation of data from those effected by the lag so we can help find/narrow down the cause and find out why not everyone is effected.

OK to collate this is the information we need... in Email (email addresses at the bottom of the post).

  • Where are you when spikes occur?
  • What is the server time when spikes appear most?
  • Are you in an area with a large amount of people during spikes?
  • Are certain instances more prone to spikes, whether single or party?
  • Can you attribute the spikes to your own connection? (check for returning packets, don't load a webpage)

These rule out in game reasons for lag

  • Country of origin:
  • your IP address (can be seen at
  • Internet service provider:
  • Is you ISP Mobile, cable, phoneline or other:
  • Do you connect via Ethernet cable or wifi?
  • Operating system:
  • Last known update of the Operating system:
  • And Firewall software you use:

These help find any issues that may occur on the computer, game client or ISP

Also run this program that shows us any pathing issues between your computer and the server.
(It does not fix the issue, its a route viewing program!)

  • Download, install and run this program:
  • When you see the open program it should look like this :
  • As you can see to start it off you must set the host to
  • Press start and let it run. Make a coffee because this can take up to 10-15 mins to complete. After that, stop it.
  • Once its finished/stopped click the "export to HTML" - watch where the file goes!!!!!

You can send the result file and the question answers to piacere at AND fyyre at

I suggest you send it with the subject line "Lag data"

Also useful is if you have a program like Overwolf or Bandicam and can note your FPS variations in certain areas/instances as well
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Posted by: Piacere

[Jul 20, 2015] 07/20 Update

Along with today restart, the following changes are now in effect:

1). H4 drop from FHoF that trade to NPC for armor are now unbound.
2). Fixed probability on Piacere prizes.

Things I did not have chance to do, but am:

Return of Token Quest. I am sorry this is taking so long.

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Posted by: Fyyre