Hello I wanted to create this post because of a revelation that was made to me yesterday after I gotten out of RCI from a player that well lets just... [..] »

by Sephenrene • May 26, 18:57
i'am going to buy a mount in the pixel npc .I want help to choose well the mounts.I'dont want to regret it later .Thanks everyone . [..] »

by SakajimaRio • May 26, 12:12
just based off the patch notes added just now - is win/lose abusing and/or is losing parties also. cause people like me and guild/alliances/friends... [..] »

by Gbaby • May 26, 02:51
Hi GM, My account was banned few week ago, i try to buy shards on world chat for once. After that i got warning from some player that its will... [..] »

by lovefei1201 • May 25, 11:12
I was sure getting the Zodiac weapon would get you a title? I've got the Zodiac wep, but no title x.x. Any way of getting it? [..] »

by aceful • May 23, 18:09
Aria Forsaken World is a Free to Play, high rate, International, PVP private server dedicated to bringing the players the most recent updates available as well as Custom Content. Aria is the longest running Forsaken World Private Server to date [..] Continue Reading »

[May 27, 2015] Arena Update Goes Live 05/29

Dear Community,

The much awaited Arena Update will go live this Friday, 05/29 at 18:00.

After the update _all_ scores will be reset to 1,000.


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Posted by: Fyyre

[May 26, 2015] 05/25 Notes

With the weekly restart the following changes went into effect:

Conversion Leaves -> Gold via the Guild Midas no longer functions.

Also -- added something for folks still abusing arena. Think I am bluffing? Try and see =)

In addition to the above; the Arena Changes should go live later this week.

Thanks all,

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Posted by: Fyyre

[May 21, 2015] [Help Wanted]

I am opening applications for potential new Aria Staff (position: GM)

If you wish to be considered to be interviewed. You must reply to the following questions via email to: [email protected]

Do not send a PM with your application, it will be ignored.

Please do not apply if you are under 21 years of age, or want to be a developer. It will be ignored.

1). First and Last name. Name of main character on Aria.
2). How old are you?
3). What is your motivation for applying, what do you want to accomplish?
4). List all MMORPG games you have played in the past ten years
5). List all private servers you have played in the past ten years
6). List all games/private servers you have been a GM or staff on
7). Can you GM for at least 35 hours a week?
8). Do you have any experience working a customer service job?
9). How long have you played Forsaken World for?
10). What languages are you proficient in? (i.e. English, Mandarin, etc...)
11). What country and timezone are you in?

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Posted by: Fyyre