Todays event was a costume contest - who could mix and match sets to the best effectiveness! Male winners Female... [..] »

by Piacere • Aug 29, 16:48
Fyyre wanted me to play with you guys, so I'll start one of these things too. Feel free to "Ask Me Anything" you want. Rules are as follows: ... [..] »

by Clipped • Aug 28, 21:46
OK if you aren't familiar with Reddit (many are) a AMA is actually - Ask Me Anything. This thread is for anything you would like to ask me, Licks.... [..] »

by Licks • Aug 26, 19:21
OK if you aren't familiar with Reddit (many are) a AMA is actually - Ask Me Anything. This thread is for anything you would like to ask me, Fyyre.... [..] »

by Fyyre • Aug 25, 20:39
I just want to say thing and get it out my chest. If u do not do flags, don't come to 12s, u are wasting other ppls time by showing up and do... [..] »

by Huggies • Aug 24, 02:24
Aria Forsaken World is a Free to Play, International, PVP private server dedicated to bringing the players the most recent updates available as well as Custom Content. Aria is the longest running Forsaken World Private Server to date [..] Continue Reading »

[Aug 29, 2015] Forsaken World High Rate Donation delays

Dear players,

We have been aware in some delays with donations, and ask that players please be patient as we deal with the issue and find/fix the cause.

Delays can cause 12-24 hr delays in donations being visible, and while many may feel alarmed, please follow the following steps should you be a case that is involved.

  • 3 hours after donation - If you have not received shards by this point there is a chance your case has been effected. Please place a ticket using our support system at the front explaining when the donation was made and all relevant details you can think of
  • 6, 12 & 24 hours after donation - do not open a new ticket. Add to your existing ticket an update (this is also a case if your issue resolves, please update that it is resolved)

We are working diligently on the issue to work out what is happening and hopefully we will resolve this issue as soon as we can. Every donation is important, so all cases will be dealt with equal measure.
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Posted by: Piacere

[Aug 21, 2015] Forsaken World High Rate Staff Names

These are the names of members of staff you may encounter ingame, in ticket or on the forums

Fyyre - Owner, Development Lead - The Boss
Licks - Co-Developer
Clipped - Co-Developer & Forum Mod
Sound - Donations/Administrative Support
Trion - Games Master, Support
Menoz - Web platforms
Piacere - Games Master, Support

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Posted by: Piacere

[Aug 15, 2015] Accepting Beta Applications

Aria is currently accepting Beta Applications for our next expansion. Please Copy and Paste the following application to your email and add your responses to the questions. Then Mail to: [email protected]

Fyyre, Trion and I will be reviewing the applications and selecting those we think will be most qualified and helpful. If selected you will be contacted via the Email you sent the application from with further information.

Forsaken World 2.1 Closed Beta Application

1. Have you participated in previous betas.
a. If so, were they with us?
b. Which ones were they?

2. Have you been banned from the game in the past?
a. How many times?
b. Reasons?

3. Can you speak English well enough to be understood?
a. If you cannot, do you have a friend who is applying for beta that can translate?
b. Friends character name:

4. Can you be available for beta testing on the following dates: August 28th, 29th and 30th server time?
a. If you cannot be on every one of those days, list the days and times you will be unavailable.
b. Reasons why you will miss those days.

5. List the times you can be on each of the above days in server time please. Same time each day is best, if it's not, please list times for each day (in server time).

6. What is your Character Name, Class, Tree and IP address? (for determining your characters ability to survive instance testing as well as giving you access to the test server if accepted.)
A.Are your masteries/resistances/soul power trees/Anima's/and fusion gems completed?

7. Are you capable of taking instruction and following instructions given.

8. Tell me why you want to be in the closed beta!

9. Have you ever discovered a bug in game?
a. If so what was it?

***By applying to this closed beta you accept the responsibility of being available for testing on the selected dates and the times you provide. Furthermore if your attendance or performance during testing is not to acceptable standards, Aria reserves the right to revoke your access to the testing server along with any compensation you would have received for your time. By applying you also accept Aria's expectations of non-disclosure of the contents of the testing server. If information regarding the contents of the beta server are leaked to the Aria community or outside sources, Aria reserves the right to revoke your access to the testing material as well as any compensation for beta testing. Compensation for testing is not guaranteed. Any Compensation will be at the discretion of the Aria staff (this includes the items rewarded as well as amounts).
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