After looking at the mounts and deciding which one i was going to spend my shards on i had to be disappointed with the discovery the panda mount can... [..] »

by Dutchaussie • Mar 04, 11:35
At level 80 fervor Nyos or Dyos Marksman is supposed to get immunity to stuns and slows, but it has been tested many times and it does nothing. I was... [..] »

by tane • Mar 03, 23:47
Hey, everyone. I have wanted to change my demon's appearance since day two in server (I really left her with a set of "horn", instead of "horns"),... [..] »

by Furiael • Mar 02, 21:13
Hello there talent in demon tree to increase heal effect by 15%. I checked Greedy torment and it doesnt boost the heals on it nor does demon have any... [..] »

by p0l3r • Mar 02, 20:06
Hello, in 2 days I used over 170 Elite Dawn Scrolls on my Magitis and its still blue. I tried on my lucky sign, other toons, even other... [..] »

by kasias666 • Mar 02, 10:37
Aria Forsaken World is a Free to Play, high rate, International, PVP private server dedicated to bringing the players the most recent updates available as well as Custom Content. Aria is the longest running Forsaken World Private Server to date [..] Continue Reading »

[Mar 05, 2015] Forsaken World High Rate [Update]: 2015.03.09

Dear Friends,

Monday, March 9th at 18:00 .. mark your calendar for patch day - ^_^

Along with some fixes and update, that Licks and I make. I will purge the server side name cache. This means, if you had a name, deleted the character and are unable to reuse that name... after the downtime, the name will be available again.

Along with update other issues such as: return of Pixel NPC and updated anti-bot method which does not depend on detection of cheating tools.

There will be other changes as well, but we save the rest for patch notes.
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Posted by: Fyyre

[Mar 01, 2015] Forsaken World High Rate Connectivity

Dear Community,

We are experiecing connectivity issues reaching the game server on its Internet facing IP at the present moment. I am in contact with the data center on this issue and will update you as I receive more information



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Posted by: Fyyre

[Mar 01, 2015] downtime


i apologize about the current downtime and expect to have the server back running within 15 minutes.

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Posted by: Fyyre