Not many people run Sanctuary Ruins or are even aware of what sort of instance it is, so I was not sure if Fyyre is aware of it being bugged. The... [..] »

by lanhua • May 05, 17:23
At start why did you close the server and then re-open it? alot of players has left cause they think the server is still closed, besides you banned... [..] »

by Darkylicous • May 05, 11:11
Hello :),i have to say something to Fyyre in private,can anyone give me his skype or RC or something to find hi srry for my bad english :):D [..] »

by adriani10 • May 05, 06:31
I'm all down to reduce the amount of people bot Id'ing but, I think the amount of diamonds per Re-Id is a little bit too much(500Re-Ids x 4D = 1800D)... [..] »

by simpli • May 05, 02:28
I would just like to say this, as _yes im a demon_ but that's not why im here entirely, im _speaking for all classes when i write this post._ ever... [..] »

by Gbaby • May 05, 01:13
Aria Forsaken World is a Free to Play, high rate, International, PVP private server dedicated to bringing the players the most recent updates available as well as Custom Content. Aria is the longest running Forsaken World Private Server to date [..] Continue Reading »

[May 04, 2015] Patch Notes 05/04

Patch notes;

1). Anthem fixed back to 300s cooldown
2). Arena rep should now be fixed (gain and loss)
3). Re-Id now cost 4d per attempt (have fun, bot, bot...)
4). Lowered cost on Anima: Shelter
5). Lowered cost on Anima Rage: Drills
6). FHoF is not accessible until arena changes go live (two weeks max)

Anthem pet skill change to be reverted tomorrow: 05/05

Also - some of you need to grow up, simply put. I don't appreciate snide remarks when an additional restart is required after a patch. This isn't retail... we actually have to put work into this.

Running a server is a lot of work, totally thankless and I sure as hell don't do this for the money .. Aria has lost money for the past four months. So next time you're feeling impatient? Why not go get a drink, instead of taking it out on me.
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Posted by: Fyyre

[May 04, 2015] Weekly server Maintance

The server will experience a 10 min downtime today at 19:00 est (7pm server time) for weekly maintenance. More info will follow closer to the restart time.
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Posted by: Licks

[Apr 30, 2015] Threat of attacks will be taken very seriously

Dear Community,

I received email from a user banned for exiting the game while in arena(22 times, in a single day - making them one of the most epic cheaters thus far), named Princessa. This player made the threat of a DDoS attack against Aria.

I want to make something crystal clear to everyone. Issue threats to me, my staff or my server, and I will see that your entire guild pays the price for your actions.

This player begged me to unban them because "they love their guild". Well, if that is true... then you will understand this: keep your members, banned or unbanned on a tight leash... or all of you will pay the price of their actions.

This will be the only warning you receive.
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Posted by: Fyyre