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*Ok, I take it the server was closed down while Fyyre prepares for the FW2 launch? I was just curious since I haven't been keeping up with the going... [..] »

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So I must be a moron and I dont feel like going back and looking for someone who can explain it. How is this refund going to work. Are we getting... [..] »

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Aria Forsaken World is a Free to Play, high rate, International, PVP private server dedicated to bringing the players the most recent updates available as well as Custom Content. Aria is the longest running Forsaken World Private Server to date [..] Continue Reading »

[Jan 31, 2015] FW2 Patch Notes

New Content:

1. New Race: Demon
a. Both male and female characters are available;
b. There are 3 Racial Skills for Demons, respectively learned at Lv10, 15 and 20;
c. The reputation officer of Demons is Sanguine Circle
2. New Class: Castor
a. Demon characters use a trident as weapon;
b. Adept at dealing massive DoT and weakening enemies;
c. Utilizes Earth and Fire Masteries.

3. New World Areas: Land of Origin (new starter area for all races) and The Polar Borders.
a. New Newbie Village: Land of Origin and related Plot Quests;
b. New World Area: The Polar Borders and related Plot Quests;
c. The Tavern has been moved to Nightfall and new Tavern Quests are available;
d. Most NPCs have fled to Nightfall.

4. New system: God System
a. Players Lv70+ Dyos and Nyos levels can participate;
b. Players can obtain Divine Esteem Points by submitting Badge of Divine Grace or consuming Faith Points. More esteem points will allow players to learn Divine Grace Skills. There are various ways to obtain the badges: Slay the final boss in Group Instances (Hero Difficulty) or Elite Monsters in the wild; participate in Hell Road Area Ranking;
c. Currently 5 Godhoods are available: God of Fortune, God of Destruction, God of Flowers, God of Fire and God of Wind.
d. Players whose Divine Esteems are above Lv11 and rank among top 200 are permitted to compete for Godhood;
e. Every Monday, Players with Lv70+ Dyos/Nyos are allowed to choose one of the deificated gods as their faith and pray to him/her. The prayer will grant Divine Grace Status and a certain chance to gain Blessing from the Aria Gift Box, which contains Gems, and other rewards;
f. Divine characters are allowed to transform for 300s per day at max, and each prayer gathered will prolong the duration of transformation by a certain amount:
g. The most prayed to God will be granted Favor from the Aria Gift Box, which contains a Flame Crystal (unbound), a Magic Rock Dust and an Elemental Star Essence;
h. The top 10 players in every week's Divine Esteem Ranking (with Lv11+ SP) will be granted Favor from the Gods Gift Box and a rare title;
i. At 7:40 every Monday, the portion of Divine Esteem that's above Lv11 will be reset.

5. UI update: new interfaces are available. Also, players can switch back to the traditional interfaces from the System Settings;

6. New Group Instance: Freedom Harbor on Fire
a. For groups of 12 to 18 Lv90 players and drops Lv4 Hero Gear Exchange Kit;
b. The Weakened debuff in every Group Instance has been strengthened. Meanwhile there will be NPC capable of removing this debuff in Group Instances;

7. New group Instance: God of Disaster
a. Level 90 players, Group Instance and Heroic Instance.

8. New Group Gear Instance: The Gate to Ocean Depths
a. For Lv30+ players;
b. Apply via Random Instance or manual apply from the Barrel Village in the Polar Borders;
c. Rewards: Lv30 Purple Gear exchange items and Lv30+ Blue Gear.

9. New Random Challenge Instance Groups, including Basic, Medium and Advanced (based on level, if applying via random instance you will be entered into an instance at random corresponding to the level of difficulty you selected.
a. Basic Instance Challenge Includes: The Gate to Ocean Depths (Lv30+), The Lost Lighthouse (Lv40+) and Welkin Castle (Lv50+)
b. Medium Instance Challenge Includes: The Outer Ancestral Catacomb (Lv60+), The Ancestral Catacomb (Lv65+) and The Freedom Harbor Prison (Lv70+)
c. Advanced Instance Challenge Includes: Aeon Spire, The Tomb of Kings, Tenebra Mines (Lv75+) and Sickle Island (Lv80+).

10. New Lottery System for Gear and Resource Instances. Each time a player who accesses the Random Instance Mode through Fast Matching will qualify for a lottery, which rewards according to the duration and the level of the specific Instance.

11. The following Instances are closed due to the invasion of the Storm Legion: Fort Rotulor, Emperor's Canyon. For various Instances including The Lost Lighthouse, Wellkin Castle, Freedom Harbor Prison and Aeon Spire, the entrance has been relocated.

12. The opening times of various Event Instances have been altered.

13. Hero Set Gear
a. The Lionheart Badge Exchange Gear has been renamed as Freshman Hero Gear. It has a max Enhancement Level of +9 and cannot be reforged or extended;
b. New Hero Set Gear: Grade 4 Hero Set for Lv88+ players;
d. Hero Gear and its Advancement Items can be exchanged from the Instance Merchant in the Nightfall
Hall of Glory;
e. Grade 1 Hero Sets can now be equipped at Lv60;
f. Grade 2 Hero Sets can now be equipped at Lv75;
g. Healing parts for Grade 1/2 Hero Sets are added.

14. Accessory Enhancement
a. Lv85+ Accessories can now be reforged.
b. Upgrading an accessory to +3, +6, +9 and +12 will each enable a new Gem Slot, capping at 4 slots;
c. Accessory Gems (for Accessory only) can now be embedded into accessories. The Embedded Gem chroma will not count towards the characters overall chroma.

15. 3 New types of Gems (Accessories)
a. StormStone Gem which elevates PvE intensity;
b. SkyCrystal Gem which boosts healing effects;
c. Chronostone which lowers the cost of wrath in PvP;
d. All 3 Gems above can be combined using Fusion Agents
e. Lv5 Gems can only come from Combination.
16. New levels and recipes for Jobs can be acquired at respective Job Advisors in Nightfall.

17. Henry has made Nightfall his new home, and now provides new Daily Quest: Godlike Glory. The Freedom Harbor Life Quests are no longer available.
a. The first 10 completion of this quest qualify for Max Rewards and grant 3x EXP;
b. Unclaimed Max Rewards times can be stored and consumed the next day, stacking up to 30 times;
c. After abortion, the quest can be picked up again at the cost of a remaining Max Rewards chance;
d. Lv60 players can finish the quest through Pet Adventure.

Retail Adjustments:

1. Kalaires Plain, Gloomy Forest, Lunagrant Woodland, Hazed Wilderness, Sea of Oblivion, Winter Heights, Twilight Town, The Sanctuary, Eclipse Hollow are all occupied by the Storm Legion and therefore cannot be accessed.

2. Adjustments on the stacking of World Luck and Personal Luck
a. Luck now cap at 30 stacks, with each stack granting 20% bonus EXP.
b. There are 2 ways to promote Luck: every 66 Luck Points grant 1 stack or 2 stacks (at a minor chance); every 2 Lucky Tops grant 1 stack.
c. Finishing Blue or Green Personal Luck Quests will result in a promotion of 5 or 10 Luck stacks.

3. The sources of various achievements have been altered.

4. The contents of Soul Power Gates have been modified.

5. Adjustments on Gloop
a. Unbending: when Wraith is enabled, the Critical Damage Reduction has been raised to 1% per level instead of 0.3%.
b. Protection: when Wraith is enabled, there will be 4 points of every Elemental Resistance as bonus for every level instead of 180 points of Damage Reduction.

6. The opening time of Ancestral War is now 12:00-23:00 every Friday. The rewards are Ancestral Battlefield Reputation and Valor Tokens. The first finish in the week comes with the best rewards.

7. Sanctuary Ruins
a. Opening time: 18:00-23:50 every Sunday.
b. The Daily Quest is now a Weekly Quest.

8. The Basic Attributes of Elemental Set Gear, Lv86 Golden Bracelet, and Golden Boots have been increased.

9. Enhancement cost
a. The Enhancement cost of Lv60+ Gear has been greatly diminished.
b. Enhancement Transfer will only be related to the Gear level instead of Gear quality.
c. The number of tiers in Enhancement Transfer have dropped, which means much lower costs for level-inconsistent Enhancement Transfer.

10. Gear categories
a. Gear Exchange Pieces and relevant Gear are removed.
b. The early Instance Blue Gear now falls into 3 tiers: Lv30, Lv60 and Lv75.

11. Animas
a. The upper level limit of consumed Gear in Anima Fusion has been removed while the lower limit persists.
b. The Anima Shelter Items can now be traded from merchants with War God Points.
c. The Anima rewards of Ancestral War are removed.
d. The daily reward of Fusion Charms is removed.

12. Battle Log display
a. Damage inflicted by a certain Offensive Status is now displayed in purple with its damage source and the exact skill shown.
b. Healing effects are now displayed in light green with their source and the exact skill shown.

13. New way to switch Realm: players can now do it from the Realm Display at the right bottom corner of the screen.

14. Skill learning: skills can now be learned within the Skill Interface. However, learning a skill still requires the unsealing of the skill scroll.

15. Simplified Mastery & Resistance training
a. Lv40+ players who have finished the Barrier Breakthrough Quest can have Mastery & Resistance training at any time from the Character Interface.
b. Mastery & Resistance training will no longer consume Vigor.

16. Race Skills are now automatically learned after reaching certain level.

17. Transmutation
a. The success rate of Transmutation has greatly raised, and so is the number of compensation when failed.
b. Blue and Purple Transmutation Scrolls now accept both Blue and Purple Gear.
c. The scope of acquired Attributes from Transmutation has been adjusted, and purple scrolls yield better than blue ones.
d. The bonus from transmutated scrolls to other Gear has been set at 100%.
e. Transmutation Scrolls and consumables can now be exchanged for War God Points.

18. The healing effects of various potions have been adjusted. The basic potions now heal much better, and some basic potions have been removed.

19. Certain zones no longer have flying enabled.

Skill Changes:
Please Note: this is not a complete list, however these are the ones we were able to verify during our beta phases.

Class Change Description
Sneak Attack - cast time is now 2 seconds and each strike stuns the target for 2 seconds. Produces 1 Agony and Blast Orb
Imperiling Hack - each orb increases the chance for you to use this skill by 10% / 40% / 70% / 100% / 100%
Mutilation - each orb increases the chance for you to use this skill by 10% / 40% / 70% / 100% / 100%
Deputy of Death - Now adds 20% crit chance at 100 rune energy
Deputy of Death - Now has a 100% chance to increase crit chance
Frenzied - While using Finisher Skills (Dark Nightmare, Nightmare Termination), grants a 20% chance to increase your casting speed by 10% for the next 10 seconds.
Shadowbreak - Evasion increased by 200/240/280/320 and cooldown increased to 180 seconds
Aura of Shadow - Each stack reduces crit dodge by 20% of the user's crit chance and stacks 5 times.
Dust Seal (Edge) - Dark Nightmare is changed to physical damage

100 points in Nature (blue) energy will now reduce the cast time by 2 seconds and increase the base damage by 30%
Evil Ward - Tooltip errors fixed

Ice Concentration - now increases your damage by .7% per point of your mana instead of .5%
Sinister Protection now cost 20% of max mp to cast. Reduces 50% of incoming damage and absorbs up to 20% of your max mana.
Energy of Protection now increases the amount of damage Sinister Protection absorbs by 30%/60%/90%/120%
While Magic Mediation is active, the user is uneffected by bleeding damage
After reaching 75 points in Nature (Blue) energy, Ice Spike will increase your base attack bonus by .15% for every mastery point over 1000
After reaching 80 points in Nature (Blue) energy, Furry of Ice will have it's attack bonus increased by 1.5% per addition point in rune energy
Deep Freeze - Immunity to bleeding damage increased to 15 seconds
Deep Freeze - Immunity to bleed increased by 15 seconds when 90 Nature (Blue) energy points are obtained
Cooling time reduction for Spark Burst at 90 energy points fixed
Castor Nurture (Blue) Energy: Fury of Ice Lv3 will no longer consume Deep Coldness effect.

Inspire - Movement: Courage now increases attack by 1% / 2% / 3% / 4%
Slumber - now increases Requiem's base damage by 10% per point
Frost Blade - Now causes both attacks of Melody Mastery to be Wind
Frost Devour - Now causes both attacks of Melody Mastery to be Water
Light Sonata's cast time reduced to 1 second
Movement: Power now lasts for 30 seconds
Continuous casting of Voice of Freedom can only work on teammates once per 15 seconds

Divine Light: bonus from heal is now 100% per cast instead of 20%
Divine Light base healing enhanced by 60% and increased by .5% mana per level of Divine Light
Sacred Healing - no longer increases healing effect of Divine Light

Crack Shot Time now produces 1 soul bullet every 4 seconds while turned on.
Soul Resolution now lasts for 15 seconds
100 points in Fervor (Red) energy will now grant the user 20% crit dodge and immunity to bleeds for 15 seconds
The stun effect of 80 Nature (Blue) energy is no longer reliant on bullets on intervals of 5. As long as you have more than 5 bullets, the stun effect will activate
100 points in Nature (Blue) energy now also increases the base attack of Burst of Rage by 15%.
Rage now provides 5%/10%/15% bonus Critical Damage
Quick Reloading's casting time and interval have been lowered to 1s and you can get a total of 10 bullets

Blood Control - Dark Contract, Seed of Life, and Invigoration now have their cast times reduced by 50% while Blood Control is active
Imp Form - Charmed Strike now deals 120% base damage during Imp Form, but cannot stack
Blood Curse - Imp Form now disperses all controlling effects
Misty - now increases evasion while in Imp Form by 40 per point instead of 8
At 90 points in Nature (Blue) energy, Imp Form will make you immune to controlling effects for 5 seconds, increasing by 2 seconds per point in Nature (Blue) energy.
BloodLetting - cast time reduced to 1 second and targets have bonus damage equal to your max attack applied if your hp is lower than 50%

Gale Force now applies correctly to Mounts
Asylum Aura now increases HP of teammates by 1% when Wisdom (yellow) energy reaches 85. Each additional point increase the effect by .1%

Blood Raider
100 points in Nyos Nature (blue) energy now correctly displays crit chance bonus
Blood Raider
Graphical issues with Lycan Form fixed

Aria custom changes:
1. Pixel has been moved to the fountain area in Nightfall
2. Player Compensation Shard Quest has been added to Aziza. Daily quest which upon completion will reward 500s. This quest will only remain on the server for a limited time. (Time to be determined by staff)
3. Arena Quest has been added. Weekly Quest which will reward exchange items for 10 wins.
4. Arena Exchange Shop has been added. See Winky at the Hall of Glory in Nightfall.
5. Level 4 gems can now be bought from gem NPC’s found in Mercury Union.
6. Level 6 fusion agents and gems have temporarily been removed from the game. Staff will add them back at a later date to be decided.
7. Immortal Rune Boxes can now be purchased for aria tokens from Lust and Greed in Mercury Union.
8. 2 new NPC’s (Ralph and Vera) have been added to the theater area of Nightfall to house all donations fashion. Handhelds can still be found at Zamradiel.
9. Arena point system has been altered to provide fair and competitive play for all players. 10 points will be awarded to the winning team and the losing team will lose 5 points. These values will be consistent regardless of player’s arena points. Players who leave mid match will also lose 5 points.
10. Botany plants can now be purchased from the botany tutor in the academic district.
11. Player Banks can now hold up to 200 items.
12. World Flutes now have a cooldown of 30 seconds between uses.
13. Guilds may now only have a maximum of 60 members.
14. Block list has been expanded to 200 entries
15. Player private message length has been expanded
16. The buff from Gem lites now has a one week duration
17. War of the Ancients is now open 24/7
18. All Grade Blue & Purple Armor/Fashion made me identified using a 'Unverisal Idenification Scroll' - see Gabraiel in Nightfall.
19. All Grade Blue & Purple Armor may be Re-Id'd using a Universal Re-Id Scroll
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[Jan 27, 2015] FW2, dates and launching

Dear friends,

As we near the launch date for FW2, I need to make you aware of two key events that will occur.

1). The current test/old live server will shutdown on Wednesday 2015/01/28. Meaning after 15:00 server time this Wednesday this server will be no more. The live server will return of course, 2015/02/04 with our launch of FW2!

2). Either Friday or Saturday (2015/01/30-31) ((more to come!!)), we will allow for players to create their game accounts (you will not be able to play until 2015/02/04), and start with downloading of the Aria FW2 client. Links to the client, I will post on either Friday or Saturday along with details regarding what has changed with the site and other important information about account registration.


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