First of... Im merging the event write up to both morning and afternoon event (this will be the new normal lol) *Happy 4th of July!* I want... [..] »

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It seems some of the work I did to fix skill descriptions or names has been overwritten by accident (we send in dozens of files, it happens). I'm... [..] »

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*actuually i will discuss some points on pvp sometimes i believe ff is way too unfair . Not long ago i had the worst day of my life lost... [..] »

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Well..... we had a special judge for the costume contest. The theme? Winter! (Mainly because I have my head stuck in Christmas already lol) My... [..] »

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Keep in mind this is based off of my knowledge/ understanding. FW is a PVP game. Naturally, the best gear is obtainable through pvp: world... [..] »

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Aria Forsaken World is a Free to Play, International, PVP private server dedicated to bringing the players the most recent updates available as well as Custom Content. Aria is the longest running Forsaken World Private Server to date [..] Continue Reading »

[Jul 05, 2015] Are you having issues with the updater?

This posts relates to people currently having to use a manual patch each update (and possibly new people having issues patching)

OK here's what I need you guys to do to help us narrow down the issue.

  1. Download, install and run this program:
  2. When you see the open program it should look like this :
  3. As you can see to start it off you must set the host to
  4. Press start and let it run. Make a coffee because this can take up to 30 mins to complete.
  5. Once its finished click the "export to HTML" - watch where the file goes!!!!!

You can send the result file either to [email protected], or myself at [email protected] as a attachment so we can see exactly whats happening to the updater to cause it to fail. I suggest you send it with the subject line "Updater fail data"

This is super important, so important in fact it can help us fix it so there will be less manual patching!

So if your having updater problems, please help!

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Posted by: Piacere

[Jul 03, 2015] Player volunteers requested!

As you are aware I have been running some lovely well received events around 6-7am almost daily.

Now I am actually going to start doing them at about 6pm too! I need a few good men (& women) who would like to help out during these events.

Basic duties would include:

  • Helping the screenshot dice roll events
  • being a Hider in Hide and Seek
  • being a extra judge in the costume/pet events
  • help write up game questions for quizzes for me to pick from.

You could also actually run the event, using myself as a bullhorn and gift giver. I'm happy to have and give assistance to players making events of their own. Please remember though, events will only run with the 3 orbs I usually give out!

Would you like to help out? Help me interact with the community as a whole and lets get having fun together.

Wait.... almost forgot.... what would you get out of it? Well I will have a chat with the Developers to see if we cant sort out some titles and goodies for you for helping out and doing a great job.

I just want to say as a community
Aria players rock!

You can PM me on the forums if you can, on my Facebook or open a ticket with the title "PIACERE I WANT TO HELP!" or even email me at [email protected]!
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Posted by: Piacere

[Jul 02, 2015] 07/02 Restart Changes

1). World Flutes are no longer required to speak in World Flute. You must run Aria Update for this change to take effect.
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Posted by: Fyyre