Once again the greed overflows this server, this time a player named SwordCiclone stole drops from our soe nm pt, then logged back and i assume he... [..] »

by Xyon • Nov 24, 17:42
I'm just gonna drop some of my thoughts here and expect that someone, player or GM, gives me legit answers or understands my point of view and... [..] »

by Shauwn • Nov 21, 19:19
Hello I am curious I sat down and read the rules and regulations and I have to ask why is there any regarding racism and age discrimination? All... [..] »

by Sephenrene • Nov 20, 02:31
hi, something have change for french/europeans users! before when I bought arianite shards, I paid 25 usd for 2750 arianite shards and my bank... [..] »

by ariagarving1 • Nov 19, 08:01
on another post Fyyre said that arena scores werent going to be reset...so why is my arena score reset? i was like 50 score away from getting my gear... [..] »

by joeperrigo • Nov 19, 04:12
Aria Forsaken World is a Free to Play, high rate, International, PVP private server dedicated to bringing the players the most recent updates available as well as Custom Content. Aria is the longest running Forsaken World Private Server to date [..] Continue Reading »

[Nov 25, 2014] Forsaken World High Rate Fix Note

Dear Community,

I just fixed an issue with our donation system, that would result in being unable to select a character for sending shards. If you recently experienced this problem, please login again to the main website, "Redeem Shards" works correctly.

Be well,

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Posted by: Fyyre

[Nov 19, 2014] Aria Forsaken World Dance Contest Take 2!

Dance fever has struck again and is spreading rapidly throughout Aria! The news of the upcoming expansion has toons on their feet busting out moves in excitement!

Ladies and Gentlemen, its Aria Forsaken World Dance Contest Take 2!

What does this mean?

This is a dance video contest, which means you must do everything in your power to show off your best moves while the camera is rolling!
The sky is the limit for themes, so if you want to do a a solo piece, choreographed piece, or a 100 person dance flash-mob, then by all means go for it!

Here are the rules for this contest:

  1. Submissions need to be at or under 5 minutes of length
  2. All submissions must be posted in this thread on or before 12-20-2014 to be considered for judging. Please Note: New Forum accounts must be approved by the staff before you can post in forums. Please do not wait until the last day to make your forum account!
  3. Any kind of music is allowed, but no explicit lyrics!
  4. Upload your video to Youtube and tag it with "Aria Forsaken World Dance Contest Take 2" Video's must comply with youtube's terms of service. If your video gets removed from youtube we cannot consider it for judging.
  5. Only the person submitting the video will be awarded the prize!
  6. Videos submitted must be made specifically for this contest. You may not use existing content/ videos
    and submit them as your own. This must be original work done by you, showing off your creative skills.
  7. Have Fun!

And here are the prizes:

1st. 1 Level 85 Gold Accessory of your choice sent to the character of your choice, 15k shards and a Custom Title picked by the Aria Staff.
2nd. 1 Level 78 Gold Accessory of your choice sent to the character of your choice, 10k shards and a custom title picked by the Aria Staff.
3rd. 5k shards sent to the character of your choice, 10 level 6 gems of your choice and a custom title picked by the Aria Staff.

4th- 10th will receive a custom title picked by the Aria Staff as a consolation prize.

Winners will be decided by the Aria Staff.

Not sure how to dance yet?
You can easily get the action scroll for it by visiting the Leaf Shop!
This action scroll and several more are available and can be used in the dance contest!
Good luck everyone!
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Posted by: Licks

[Nov 02, 2014] Forsaken World High Rate 10/02 @ 03:10 - Quick Restart

Dear friends,

At 03:10 I will be bringing the server down for 10 minutes in order to adjust the clock for the change to Eastern Daylight Time.
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Posted by: Fyyre