Hello ! I Wanna Ask how much players god Zodiac Fro Advvanced RCI cuz i did over 300+ rci's and no result what drop rate is having or is putted over... [..] »

by Vasy • May 23, 05:57
When are we going to clear up the names stuck on server that have been deleted? I message Fyyre like 2 weeks ago about this >_< really sucks to have... [..] »

by roguealchemist • May 23, 05:44
the competition for brimstone god was between me and him starting a week before when he tried to make more acclaim than me but he/she couldn't... [..] »

by statica • May 22, 05:22
Can you just please close the Arena 6vs6? I've really thought that boosting was an offense, yet around of 70% of people with Season 3 gears were... [..] »

by Son-Hak • May 19, 10:56
So ive been trying to buy rings ,offhands for a while and i figure there has to be atleast 30 to 50 more people that would like to do the same thing... [..] »

by honorguard • May 18, 03:24
Aria Forsaken World is a Free to Play, high rate, International, PVP private server dedicated to bringing the players the most recent updates available as well as Custom Content. Aria is the longest running Forsaken World Private Server to date [..] Continue Reading »

[May 21, 2015] [Help Wanted]

I am opening applications for potential new Aria Staff (position: GM)

If you wish to be considered to be interviewed. You must reply to the following questions via email to: [email protected]

Do not send a PM with your application, it will be ignored.

Please do not apply if you are under 21 years of age, or want to be a developer. It will be ignored.

1). First and Last name. Name of main character on Aria.
2). How old are you?
3). What is your motivation for applying, what do you want to accomplish?
4). List all MMORPG games you have played in the past ten years
5). List all private servers you have played in the past ten years
6). List all games/private servers you have been a GM or staff on
7). Can you GM for at least 35 hours a week?
8). Do you have any experience working a customer service job?
9). How long have you played Forsaken World for?
10). What languages are you proficient in? (i.e. English, Mandarin, etc...)
11). What country and timezone are you in?

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Posted by: Fyyre

[May 21, 2015] Termination of GM Waith

For some time I have suspected a staff member had been leaking out details to a player, or certain players. For a while I struggled with a way to actually prove this. So I tested this by giving out some important, but incorrect information. Waith had been telling Briar (his girlfriend) everything.

2015-03-23 20:25:30 gdeliveryd: notice: formatlog:trade:roleidA=49162:roleidB=9928714:mone yA=0:moneyB=0:objectsA=52003,11,1;:objectsB=

Let's break this down:

roleidA = Dyrge. Personal toon of Waith.
roleidB = Briar. Waith's girlfriend.



Came from the RCI? Right.. then why did Waith's personal toon trade it to her? Corruption is not a series of actions, its one action. It is the willingness to turn a blind eye, for a personal favor.

I won't tolerate that.

GM Waith has been fired. His account is banned. His personal account and that of Briar, are also banned.
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Posted by: Fyyre

[May 20, 2015] [Policy Update] - 05/20/2015

Dear Community,

Last week I changed Aria Policy as follows:

1). Aria Staff (or GMs for sort) are no longer permitted to permanently ban players.

2). Permanent bans are now solely the jurisdiction of yours truly, Fyyre.

GMs may temporarily ban players causing duress to other players, or violating the rules in game:

However must submit to me within twenty four hours: reason, proof (screen shot, or screen shots), and evidence of previous warnings given to the player.

Please note this change is not to undermine the in game support staff, but to offer a sense of fairness and transparency to the community.

Thank you for being a part of Aria,

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Posted by: Fyyre